Pastor: I’ll ‘hold my nose’ voting Romney


Dr. Robert Jeffress, senior baptist pastor of a Texas megachurch says Mormons are not Christians. That’s slightly softer language than before. He’s the same guy who previously called Mormonism a “cult.”

On Tuesday, he told msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell, “I’ll hold my nose and vote” for Mitt Romney if it comes down to it — not a ringing endorsement, even by his own account. “Given the choice between a non-Christian like Mitt Romney who at least embraces some biblical precisions like the sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage, as opposed to a professing Christians like Barack Obama who takes unbiblical positions, I believe there’s a merit in choosing the non-Christian over the Christian.”

Romney’s Mormonism has been a hot topic this entire election cycle, heating up again recently over evangelical leader Franklin Graham’s comments that most Christians don’t consider Mormons (ie Mitt Romney) to be Christians.


Pastor: I'll 'hold my nose' voting Romney