Obama unveils plan for second term in new ad

President Barack Obama, pictured in Florida earlier this week, will make stops in 4 states on Thursday.
President Barack Obama, pictured in Florida earlier this week, will make stops in 4 states on Thursday.
Mandel Ngan/AFP

The Obama campaign released a new ad Tuesday called “Determination,” which pinpoints the key initiatives the president will pursue in a second term.

The president also presented a brochure that morning at a rally in Delray, Fla., called “The New Economic Patriotism: A Plan for Jobs & Middle-Class Security,” based around seven main headings:

  • Reviving American Manufacturing
  • Energy Made in America
  • Growing Small Businesses
  • Quality Education
  • Cutting The Deficit By More Than $4 Trillion
  • Putting YOU in Charge of Your Health Care
  • Protecting Retirement Security

The brochure explains what the campaign has already achieved and what it will try to do in the next four years. In the section on manufacturing, for example, Obama touts the benefits of his auto industry bailout, vows in a second term to end tax deductions for companies that ship jobs overseas, promises to crack down on China’s trade abuses, and says he will create 15-20 “innovation institutes” which will figure out what the next generation of products will be, so that we can build them here.

“In this campaign, I’ve laid out a plan for jobs and middle-class security and, unlike Mitt Romney, I’m actually proud to talk about what’s in it, because my plan will actually move America Forward,” the president said in Florida while holding up the booklet. “And by the way, the math in my plan adds up.”

The campaign has said that 3.5 million copies of the plan will be printed up and sent to field offices to be mailed, handed out at rallies, and brought door-to-door in a “full scale, multi-platform organizational effort.”

If you live in a swing state, chances are it won’t be long until you see one of these booklets floating around. Both candidates are expected to spend the majority of their time and money in key battleground states during the sprint to Election Day, which is only two weeks away.