Obama on foreign policy debate: ‘Spoiler alert, we got bin Laden’


As the election comes into the home stretch, there remains just one presidential debate before voters go to the polls. The final debate, which will focus on foreign policy, takes place Monday night in Boca Raton, Fla. and will be moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS News.

The president tipped his hand on Thursday night at a charity dinner in New York when talking about what he plans on saying in the debate joking, “Spoiler alert: we got bin Laden.”

Former DNC Communications Director, Karen Finney, and Richard Wolffe, msnbc.com executive editor and Vice President, joined msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell on “The Last Word” to talk about what else we can expect to hear at the debate. Wolffe told O’Donnell, “Don’t underestimate the animosity between these two people and how much they’ll want to relitigate every foreign policy exchange we saw in the last two (debates).” Wolffe added, “Including, by the way, I would expect Mitt Romney going back to Libya and having at it all over again. Only this time trying to do a clean up job.”

O’Donnell then played a clip of Rush Limbaugh speculating that President Obama will “get together” with debate moderator Bob Schieffer before the debate “like he did with (second debate moderator) Candy Crowley.” Finney responded saying of Rush Limbaugh and his audience,  ”What they don’t like is what really happened was Romney tried to roll up on the President with bad facts, and the President checked him on it.”

And boom goes the dynamite. O’Donnell and his panel also looked back to 2008 to see how then-Senator Obama used the foreign policy debate to talk about other issues closer to home for voters.

Obama on foreign policy debate: 'Spoiler alert, we got bin Laden'