Lost a presidential race? If you failed at selling yourself, try pitching a product!


Former Republican presidential candidates like to speak out. Bob Dole, for example, spoke out for Viagra. Fred Thompson, for reverse mortgages. And now we have commercial spokesman Rudy Giuliani.

After Bob Dole lost the 1996 presidential campaign to Bill Clinton, Dole became an actor for an ad “that was a game changer for older men,” as msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell said Tuesday night in his Rewrite segment. Dole then did a commercial for Pepsi that played off  his participation with the Viagra ad. Not only did Dole say this product “put real joy” back in his life, but he also stated how it made him feel “youthful and vigorous, and most importantly, vital, again.” Of course he was referring to his “faithful little blue friend,” Pepsi.

Fred Thompson is still churning out reverse mortgage commercials, such as the one below.

Rudy Giuliani is now endorsing the product “LifeLock.” O’Donnell introduced him as “the newest entry in the Republican losing presidential candidate-turned-pitchman group is the Republican politician who tried to seize political ownership of 9/11.”

“It is very unlikely that Republican presidential loser Mitt Romney will ever find himself in a position that his finances are so tight that he has to go pitch reverse mortgages on TV,” O’Donnell said. “But Paul Ryan… Marco Rubio… Chris Christie… we have seen your future, and your future is reverse mortgages.”