Living ‘The Great Divergence’


Timothy Noah was on Wednesday’s show to discuss The Great Divergence. Noah’s new book looks at the effects of income inequality in the United States.

I am an intern for the show, as well as a rising junior in college, and the increasing cost of college tuition is something my friends and I discuss a lot. Although, many people at my school receive financial aid packages, many families are on the cusp of just being able to afford tuition. So this stat from The Great Divergence really hit home for me:

“From the 1950s to the 1970s, annual tuition at public and private universities average, respectively, 4 percent and 20 percent of annual median family income…[but by] 2005 college tuition at public and private universities averages, respectively, 10 percent and 45 percent of median family income.”

According to the College Board, in 2011 a year’s tuition (not including room and board) at public colleges and universities averaged $8200; at private institutions, a year’s tuition averaged $28,500. So how do we tackle this problem? Tune into tonight’s show. And tell us your story.  

By Kelly Wilkinson 

Living 'The Great Divergence'