Lawrence’s promise to Cain’s accusers


Sexual harassment allegations are always very serious, for all parties involved, no matter the scale. For the female accusers of Herman Cain, the publicity alone increases the stakes. Between the confidentiality agreements and fear of possible lawsuits, stepping in front of a microphone in situations like this is something that some women, for very legitimate reasons, simply cannot bring themselves to do.

Lawrence O’Donnell has a message for the women who want to tell their side of the story about Herman Cain. On the show last night, he offered to pay for the legal fees associated with this case.

“If you want to speak, if you simply cannot bear Herman Cain and his spokesman calling you women liars, then I personally promise you that if you do come forward — be it on this program or any other program or in a general news conference — and tell the truth, I will provide you all of the funding you might need for a legal defense fund to fight and beat the National Restaurant Association and Herman Cain at their confidentiality game.”

Politico is reporting one of the women who accused Cain of sexual harassment received a payout of about $45,000.

The National Restaurant Association announced today they will decide on Friday whether to grant that accuser’s request to be released from the confidentiality agreement provision of her settlement.

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Lawrence's promise to Cain's accusers