Lawrence O’Donnell on why Scott Brown has better shot at governor job


msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell weighed the political future of “loser Scott Brown,” the now former senator from Massachusetts, during Monday’s Rewrite segment.

Voters booted the Republican from office in the last election, opting for the Democrat on the ticket, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren.

O’Donnell accused Brown of running “a Senate campaign that was worthy of the thugs” in his old Boston neighborhood.

“’Hey, you’re not from around here!’ That was Brown’s basic campaign message, which he thought was gonna terrify Oklahoma-born Elizabeth Warren, the way it rightfully terrified people who mistakenly wandered into Southie or Charlestown or other, shall we say, insular Boston neighborhoods,” said The Last Word host, breaking into his “wicked” Boston accent.

With Sen. John Kerry’s nomination to be America’s next Secretary of State, the media has widely speculated this vacancy could leave just the right opening for Brown to run for the Senate again.

O’Donnell, who first speculated Brown would have a better chance of winning the governorship instead, argued that a move back into the Senate is unlikely for Brown.

Back on January 8, O’Donnnell made a prediction about Brown’s political future, “You heard it here first, which is to say you’re hearing it right now—Scott Brown probably won’t even run against Ed Markey. Scott Brown would be much happier running for governor when Deval Patrick leaves office next year, a race Scott Brown would have a much better chance of winning, and a job he would love. I mean, love, compared to the Senate, which according to my sources he doesn’t really like.”

O’Donnell dinged Politico for being a little late to the party, which is just now reporting why it could be easier for Brown to win the governorship.

The host dared Brown to run against Ed Markey, using the same “Hey, you’re not from around here” campaign” that he pulled against Elizabeth Warren.

“Eddie has done so good a job representing his hometown and his district that Republicans sometimes can’t find candidates to run against him,” warned O’Donnell. “So Scott Brown, I got news for ya. Yeah, Ed Markey still lives here and he is like so from around here that you’d have to debate him on policy if you screw up the, um, uh, courage to run against him.”

Lawrence O’Donnell on why Scott Brown has better shot at governor job