Last Word’s open invite to Pastor Hagee

When mega-church Pastor John Hagee appeared at Rick Perry’s prayer rally in Houston this summer, Lawrence quoted some of Hagee’s past comments that could cause political trouble for the Texas governor.

Those past statements included some that have been viewed as anti-Catholic and anti-semitic.  Hagee later reconciled with both the Catholic League and the Anti-Defamation League.  Not everyone represented in those communities, however, have forgotten his words and forgiven him.
Our segment did not sit well with Hagee or his team. After the August 5 segment, they wrote letters of protest to msnbc.

We invited Hagee to appear on the show to clarify any of his past statements. So far, he’s refused. We also extended an invite to his spokesman, but he too, declined.

As regular viewers of this show know, religion is right up there with tax policy as one of Lawrence’s favorite subjects. The invitation to discuss religion with Pastor Hagee remains an open one.


Rick Perry

Last Word's open invite to Pastor Hagee