Kornacki talks Ron Paul after the show

Many things can, and will, go wrong on live TV.

A satellite feed could be dropped for no apparent reason, sometimes leaving an anchor to fill the void. Another sign of “technical difficulties” is when you see a reporter, usually out on location in the field, talking but you can’t hear what they’re saying. One forgotten bleep in an edit session could lead to an accidental F-bomb on-air. (Guilty!) Maybe a mic is rubbing up against a guest’s shirt — that’s what makes that odd muffled sound.

Last night, we hit our own technical glitch with guest Steve Kornacki’s microphone. It wasn’t working properly so, unfortunately, the Salon.com political columnist wasn’t able to take part in the majority of the discussion on Ron Paul.

We were able to give him the floor after the show. In a web-exclusive interview with Lawrence, the pair chatted about Paul’s relevancy as a candidate in the current Republican primary process and his long-term impact on political discourse. The set was being broken down around them, but they kept on talking. Kornacki explained the complexities covering Paul’s candidacy as journalist. “The winner of the Republican primaries will have, probably give or take, a 50 percent chance at being the next President of The United States. So covering this process sort of day-to-day right now, my interest is who is this presidential primary season going to produce as a nominee,” he told Lawrence. “Ron Paul is basically irrelevant to that.”

Lawrence followed up, “If you’re covering who’s going to be the next president, he’s irrelevant to that. But it you’re covering our politics and what our politics is becoming, that’s when he gets interesting.”

The “growth [of Paul’s base] is undeniable and very significant,” Kornacki pointed out, so it will be interesting to see the long-term effects of his thriving coalition, built around his Libertarian stances on foreign policy and drugs.

Is Paul paving the way for an anti-war wing of GOP? Tweet me your thoughts or drop me a line in the comment section below.