Koch ‘brother from another mother’


Herman Cain’s got tight bonds with the Koch brothers and he’s not afraid to say so. Today, the embattled presidential candidate called himself their “brother from another mother.” For real, he said that.

“Just so I can clarify this for the media, this may be a breaking news announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother,” Cain said during a speech at a Americans for Prosperity event in Washington, D.C. “Yes. I’m their brother from another mother! And proud of it!”

Charles and David Koch have poured massive amounts of money into conservative causes over the years. And they are widely credited with funding the rise of the tea party movement.

This public bromance declaration came after the watchdog group CREW, the Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, filed a legal complaint against the Cain campaign with the Federal Election Commission on Friday.

CREW claims Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block (the smoking guy in that weird video) violated election laws by using $40,000 from a non profit group founded by Block to pay for incidentals on the campaign trail.

Koch Brothers and Herman Cain

Koch 'brother from another mother'