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John Hodgman’s nugget of wisdom for Joe Biden at VP debate


After appearing on The Last Word Wednesday night, author and comedian John Hodgman joined Lawrence O’Donnell to talk more about the upcoming vice presidential debate and his new book, That Is All.

Hodgman had one piece of advice for Joe Biden he didn’t have time to mention on the show: ”Since no one will get punished for saying a lie,” Hodgman joked, “all Biden has to do is echo what he said about President Obama, and say, ‘That Paul Ryan, a very clean cut young black man.’ America will go insane because there is no truth or fiction anymore, and the right wing will dump Ryan right there.”

Hodgman also told us Lawrence O’Donnell himself is mentioned in his book. In a section about super-elite credit cards, That Is All informs its readers that the most exclusive card of all is the “Diner’s Club Five-times Diamond Card,” and one of the perks of that card is being able to commission playwright David Lindsay Abaire (“Rabbit Hole,” “Fuddy Meers) to write an original Broadway show that Lawrence O’Donnell has to star in.

Now, that’s a credit card!

John Hodgman's nugget of wisdom for Joe Biden at VP debate