Jim Cramer’s dad saved from voter ID issues


CNBC host Jim Cramer tweeted earlier today that his father, a Pennsylvania resident, would not have been allowed to vote as a result of the new voter ID laws in Pennsylvania. 

Cramer’s father would have been one of 750,000 registered votes in Pennsylvania who do not have photo identification cards from the Department of Transportation, taking away their voting rights on November 6. But thanks to his son, the new voter ID law will allegedly no longer prevent Mr. Cramer from voting. Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation saw Jim Cramer’s tweet and promptly contacted him that that would make sure his father can vote. 

Seven hours later, the Mad Money host sent out a series of tweets addressing the issue.

Although Jim Cramer’s father has been assured that he will be allowed to vote, what about the roughly 749,999 others who will have trouble voting under this law? It’s expected to impact elderly voters and students the most.

All eyes are on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this week as the hearing on the constitutionality of the state’s voter ID law begins on Thursday.

The law is also being investigated by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division to determine whether Pennsylvania’s voter ID law is discriminatory under the Voting Rights Act. With just 56 days to go until the election, voters in the state are scrambling to get the identification they need for November.  


Jim Cramer's dad saved from voter ID issues