Huntsman calls Romney a ‘weather vane’


In an ad released earlier this afternoon, Jon Huntsman slams fellow Republican presidential candidate Willard M. Romney for his long history of flip-flopping. In the ad, entitled “Weather Vane,” former Governor Romney is shown expressing opposing viewpoints on healthcare, economic stimulus, the War in Iraq and climate change. At the end of the ad, Huntsman then compares Romney to a “lubricated weather vane.”

While this is the second Huntsman campaign ad in less than a week (see other here) jabbing Mitt Romney, Huntsman’s daughters have been more focused on front-runner Herman Cain. Their parody of Cain’s now notorious smoking ad already has over 150,000  hits on YouTube. 

Do you think the Huntsman campaign is ramping up their attack strategy? Give us your take in the comments below.

Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney

Huntsman calls Romney a 'weather vane'