Huckabee’s 9/11 kids video (yes, really)


Former Baptist pastor/Arkansas governor/Republican presidential candidate-turned-FOX News host/web entrepreneur/children’s video producer Mike Huckabee has a new release out as part of his Learn Our History DVD collection for kids. This latest cartoon teaches young kids about 9/11.

No. You didn’t misread that. This is a preview of a new cartoon (available as a DVD or online stream) for kids from Learn Our History, a company co-founded by Huckabee that makes questionably accurate historical educational videos for kids, about 9/11 (just in time for the 10-year memorial).

I’m going to stop right there, except to say Lawrence is going to talk a little more about this in the Rewrite on tonight’s edition of The Last Word.

Mike Huckabee and The Last Word OMFG

Huckabee's 9/11 kids video (yes, really)