‘Home crafts expert’ Steve Martin endorses Bob Kerrey


Actor/comedian/”home crafts expert” Steve Martin endorsed Democrat Bob Kerrey in a gloriously nonsensical web video. Kerrey, both a former governor and U.S. senator, is running for Nebraska’s open Senate seat.

Martin didn’t mention Kerrey’s name once. Instead, he showed us how to create a “beautiful wad of paper to play with around the house.” (Make sure you have a stick of chewing gum, a stapler and a hammer ready.)

Off the side of the screen, we see a hand creep into the frame holding up signs promoting why Kerrey should be reelected. The series of messages read:

“My friend, Bob Kerrey, is running for US Senate in Nebraska…He is a principled man whom I have known and respected for many years…Whether you are a Democrat or Republican he deserves your vote, because …he cares about the people of Nebraska…he considers both sides of every issue to determine what is best…and, he has already served Nebraska successfully as your governor and senator for 16 years…But most of all…He is sane. And his ideas are workable….Please consider Bob Kerrey as a wise and thoughtful choice as your senator from Nebraska…Also, please consider me as your home crafts authority.”

During an appearance on The Last Word in April, Kerrey seemed hopeful of his chances. “I have no idea whether I’m to win the election. I think there’s a good chance that I will,” he told msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell in the exclusive interview.

A boost from Steve Martin can’t hurt (though methinks his “home crafts” might). The latest polls show Kerrey’s opponent, Republican Deb Fischer, leading by double digits. 


'Home crafts expert' Steve Martin endorses Bob Kerrey