Herman Cain on Libya… (crickets)


As candidates do, Herman Cain sat down with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, and during the exchange he was asked what he thought about President Obama’s policy on intervention in Libya. After quite a long silence, Cain needed clarification of exactly what happened and who the White House officially supported during Khaddafy’s ouster. Then things got even more interesting.

Now, it’s not as if the uprising in Libya hasn’t been in the news. Ya know, like the President of Uzbekistan.

Update at 6:01pm ET— The Cain Campaign has issued this response to the Libya Q&A:

“The video is being taken out of context.  He was taking questions for about 30 to 40 minutes on four hours of sleep.  He didn’t say anything wrong or in accurate, it just took him a while to recall the specifics of Libya. It just took him a while to gain his bearings.”

— Cain Campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon

Herman Cain on Libya... (crickets)