Michael Grimm (R-NY) is expected to be indicted by the U.S. attorney in New York after being investigated for campaign finance violations, Apr. 25, 2014.
Alex Wong/Getty

New York Rep. Michael Grimm expected to be indicted

The federal government plans to file criminal charges against New York Congressman Michael Grimm, his lawyer said Friday. He will likely be indicted by the feds as early as next week.

The Republican, who was recently caught on camera threatening to “break” a local reporter “in half, like a boy,” has been under investigation for more than two years.

“After more than two years of investigation plagued by malicious leaks, violations of grand jury secrecy, and strong-arm tactics, the U.S. Attorney’s Office has disclosed its intent to file criminal charges against Congressman Grimm. We are disappointed by the government’s decision, but hardly surprised,” said Grimm’s lawyer William McGinley in a statement. “From the beginning, the government has pursued a politically driven vendetta against Congressman Grimm and not an independent search for the truth.”

McGinley continued, “Congressman Grimm asserts his innocence of any wrongdoing. When the dust settles, he will be vindicated. “

It’s unclear what the specific charges will be, which have yet to be filed. NBC News is reporting they will most likely be related to private business deals and not his time in Congress or campaign finances.

In November, the House Ethics Committee announced an investigation of the congressman over possible campaign finance violations, but deferred because of a separate Justice Department case.

Grimm is serving his second term as a representative for Staten Island, a borough of New York City.