Dems throw Reagan in GOP’s face

House Democrats reminded the GOP of the importance of raising the debt ceiling — in the words of President Ronald Reagan. He’s the president Republicans love to quote, particularly when it comes to economic policy.

Today, Nancy Pelosi tweeted, “If House GOP won’t listen to economists, perhaps they’ll listen to President Reagan.”

A newly released video offers remarks he gave in a radio address on September 26, 1987. Reagan discussed the severity of the U.S. meeting its financial obligations to avoid defaulting on loans. Text on screen pops ups reading, “That’s an adult moment.”

The tone seems to be shifting in debt negotiations to be more positive. In a press conference today, President Obama applauded the bipartisan group of senators, the so-called Gang of Six, for coming with new deficit reduction plan “broadly consistent” with his goals. He urged lawmakers to use it as a blueprint to work off of before the August 2 debt limit deadline.