Dear Mitt Romney, get a copyeditor

Reagan Fail.
Reagan Fail.

Dear Team Romney,

Please hire a copyeditor. I assumed last week’s “Amercia” iPad app fail was a fluke. Now today, the world has been presented with another embarrassing error. Of all the presidents’ names to misspell in a slideshow, you go with “Regan”? Come on, guys. He’s the GOP’s main man. Hate to be a nag, but it’s ReAgan with an A.

Look, I spell stuff wrong all the time. (Yes, totes irony that I run this blog and copyedit all day long. Apologies in advance, readers!) I totally get it. It’s late, you’ve been sitting in front of a computer all day. Bad spelling happens. Maybe try having a buddy look it over?

Go on, just make the investment. Use gobs and gobs of money lying around from corporate donors and pay someone to look over this campaign material before posting online. Plus, you’ll be creating another job! It’s worth the investment in Amercia.