Could the Ryan plan ‘destroy’ Romney?


Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell got up extra early to appear on the Friday edition of msnbc’s Morning Joe. On the panel, he discussed the Republican’s relentless “anybody-but-Romney campaign,” the auto bailout and how Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan could have disastrous effects for the GOP in the general election.

The Obama campaign just couldn’t hold it in any longer.Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden pounced on all the nominees and started the framework arguments against a Republican in the Oval Office next year.

Lawrence chalked it up to running “out of patience.” He said, “They just couldn’t sit around and wait for the nominee to emerge so they’ve started running that general election campaign now, which means Biden has to mention multiple names.”

The Obama campaign wants to get a head-start on the party that hasn’t picked their nominee yet. Lawrence predicted Team Obama will bring up the Ryan budget plan to end Medicare as we know it, which he said will “sink the Republican nominee.”

“Mitt Romney embraced the Ryan plan, which is going to destroy him if he’s the nominee in Florida, and that is where Biden is going next to talk about the Ryan plan,” according to Lawrence. “They want you to know more and more and more about the Ryan plan; they want Paul Ryan to be as prominent as possible.”