Clinton rips bogus welfare claims


Showing off a little “brass” of his own during his marathon DNC speech, Bill Clinton smacked down claims by the Romney-Ryan campaign that President Obama ended the work requirement for welfare.

“Bill Clinton laid out the truth last night” when it comes to welfare reform, The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell told Martin Bashir on Thursday. The pair dissected Clinton’s complete evisceration of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Lawrence slammed these ”tricks” by the Romney campaign, saying they just “don’t work anymore.” 

Republicans “were moving along last week in Tampa, in a kind of uninterrupted soliloquy that was filled with lies about this sort of thing. And what’s happened now is we’ve seen what the Democratic Party, as a team, can do in responding to that sort of thing,” he explained. “And there’s no more powerful responder to it than Bill Clinton, who signed that welfare bill into law and President Obama, who knows exactly how that law is operating now.”

Lawrence said the former president was perfectly cast in that role given his “long history with this subject.”