Chris Christie lands RNC keynote gig

Governor Chris Christie (file)
Governor Chris Christie (file)
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Republican convention-goers can look forward to Chris Christie as the keynote speaker. NBC News’ Jamie Gangel reported Wednesday the New Jersey governor scored the coveted gig at next month’s Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Christie has been making the rounds as a surrogate for the Romney campaign and his name has been floated as a VP contender. Though, his selection suggests Christie got picked over for the slot. If history serves as a guide, the vice presidential nominee addresses the crowd on a different night than the keynote speaker.

While this may knock him out of the veep race — a job he swears he didn’t really want in the first place (wink, wink) — the role has a history of launching politicians into the national spotlight. Remember, a little-known U.S. Senate candidate gave the keynotes address at the 2004 Democratic Convention: Barack Obama.

The RNC hasn’t released a detailed schedule yet. Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul told msnbc’s Andrea Mitchell, “You’ll have to stay tuned.”

Former Republican rival Newt Gingrich floated Sarah Palin’s name as a must-get speaker.”Gov. Palin motivates and arouses an entire base,” Gingrich said in an interview on Tuesday. “[She] should absolutely have a speaking slot.”

Just in case you’re taking requests, RNC, Newt said he’d gladly speak if asked. Maybe they could book Snooki as well? I see a theme forming…