Can 4th of July turn you Republican?

Mark Avery/AP

All those parades and fireworks may have more of a political impact than you think. A new study by Harvard University suggests kids who attend Fourth of July celebrations are more likely to identify themselves as Republicans when they grow up.

The “Fourth of July influences people’s political preferences and their political behavior. In particular, participating in the festivities during childhood shifts later-life preferences and behavior toward the Republicans and increases adult voter turnout,” concluded researchers David Yanagizawa-Drott and Andreas Madestam in the 40-page report.

The study specifically defines Fourth of July festivities as fireworks, parades, political speeches and barbecues.

Part of this stems from the way conservatives tend to link GOP values to outward symbols of patriotism. Over the 4th of July, Americana imagery is on full display.

Their evidence also found Republicans consider themselves more patriotic than Democrats.