Cain ‘reassessing’ president thing

Herman Cain (file)
Herman Cain (file)
Eric Thayer/Getty Images
Herman Cain is “reassessing” the whole running for president thing, a senior staffer from the Cain campaign confirmed to NBC News.

According to the candidate’s Iowa campaign chairman, Steve Grubbs, Cain told staffers he’s weighing his options over the next two days. His campaign hit another roadblock yesterday, as a fifth sex scandal surfaced.

Ginger White, an Atlanta woman, claims to have had a 13-year consensual affair with the Republican presidential candidate, ending only recently. Cain flatly denied the alleged relationship and insisted White was only a friend he helped financially on occasion.

Cain tried to do damage control before the story broke, but this has been a constant theme of the campaign: he’s been forced to make denial after denial on the campaign trail. It seems to be taking a toll.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO canceled a private dinner with New York’s media elite scheduled for this Sunday.

Cain said yesterday he would stay in the campaign as long as his wife continued to support him. He has been married to his wife Gloria for more than 43 years.

Herman Cain

Cain 'reassessing' president thing