Bachmann’s additions to Mt. Rushmore

Bachmann's additions to Mt. Rushmore
Bachmann's additions to Mt. Rushmore

A Michele Bachmann-style makeover of Mount Rushmore would include adding the faces of Presidents Reagan, Garfield and Coolidge. In an interview today, the Republican presidential hopeful was asked which face she would add to the iconic South Dakota monument.

Reagan comes as no surprise. She listed Garfield because “he was a wonderful man” and managed to jump from the House of Representatives straight to the Oval Office — something Bachmann herself is trying to accomplish (wink, wink). He only served for 200 days before his assassination. Bachmann said “Calvin Coolidge should be up there, too” for getting “the country’s budget back on track.” Out of all the presidents, he usually ranks towards the back as one of the least popular of all time.