Ad: Ron Paul a ‘big dog’ with bite


Ron Paul is looking to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack in the GOP primary race as the “big dog” in a town full of “sorry politicians.” In a new fast-paced ad debuting today in Iowa and New Hampshire, the narrator huskily ridicules these politicians known for “lots of bark” but who cower into “whimpering like little shih tzus” come showtime. Cue the barking Rottweiler and the little white shih tzu to make this metaphor complete.

The ad continues to distinguish Paul, aka Big Dog, as a tough trailblazer on budget cuts. The narrator asks, “you want big cuts? Ron Paul’s been screaming it for years. Budget crisis? No problem. Cut a trillion bucks year one. That’s trillion with a ‘T.’ Department of Education — gone. Interior, Energy, HUD, Commerce — gone.” And yes, all of the mentioned departments are shown disappearing in smoke because “that’s how Ron Paul rolls.”

However, the “fun and energetic ad” comes with a serious message. Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton explained, “Through this ad we continue to argue that Ron Paul is the only candidate with a serious economic plan to end out-of-control federal spending, reduce the debt, and curtail government activism that hampers economic growth.”

Paul’s campaign is on the upswing. He’s now polling in second and third in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

— By Skivjana Neza

Ron Paul and Energy

Ad: Ron Paul a 'big dog' with bite