Sen. Bob Rucho makes a comment about a bill, June 5, 2012, in Raleigh, N.C..
Chuck Liddy/The News & Observer/AP

NC state Sen. Bob Rucho likens Obamacare to Nazis


A North Carolina state senator launched a Twitter firestorm after he sent out a tweet saying President Obama’s Affordable Care Act has done more damage than acts committed by Nazis, Soviets, and terrorists combined.

On Sunday, Republican legislator Bob Rucho claimed:

Several hours later, he responded to the criticism.

The state senator’s initial tweet provoked outrage on Twitter, with some asking for an immediate apology and calling for his resignation.

Rucho’s comparison likens the Affordable Care Act to symbols of extreme political dictatorships and acts violence. The Nazis and Soviets were behind some of the most oppressive political regimes of the last century, and contributed to the deaths of millions upon millions of people. The fear and senseless violence wielded in acts of terror have forever changed American foreign policy. By comparison, Obamacare would insure nearly 40 million Americans who currently do not have health insurance, provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, and lower premiums by as much as $2,500.

Earlier this year, Rucho was the primary sponsor of a bill to restrict North Carolina from setting up Obamacare’s health insurance exchanges. The bill also rejected participating in the Medicaid expansion, blocking nearly 377,000 North Carolinians from Medicaid coverage.

Rucho campaigned on the promise that he would “work to make healthcare more affordable and accessible,” in his home state. 

He also aims to “crack down on illegal immigration,” with his campaign website stating the state assembly should not “allow our legal residents to lose their opportunity for education, growth and job training,” by allowing “illegal immigrants to take their place in the local community college classroom.”

A relatively new user of Twitter, Rucho has expressed his more inflammatory views since first tweeting about the health care law in October.

“Economic predictions of higher health insurance premiums and lost jobs are a reality,” Rucho said in a October 4 tweet. “The implementation of Obamacare will cause more long term damage to the US economy than any government shut down.”

Rucho has also asked what the president is “smoking” and marked the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death by declaring “JFK could have been the founder and leader of the Tea Party. The real democrat party has been hijacked.”