Stephen Colbert exploring a 2012 run


Stephen Colbert is one step closer to jumping into the 2012 presidential fray.

During Thursday’s edition of The Colbert Report, the comedian transferred control of his super PAC to Jon Stewart, a fellow host at Comedy Central. This move gives him a legit legal opening to explore a presidential run.

He dropped the I’m “forming an exploratory committee” line, like many politicians before him who then went on to run for president. He added this will “lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the president of the United States of South Carolina!”

It’s late in the game, but he’s not doing so bad up against other Republican candidates who have been campaigning much longer, especially in his home state.

A recent PPP survey found Colbert leading Jon Huntsman in South Carolina with five percent of the vote compared to Huntsman’s four percent.

Under election laws, it’s illegal to run a super PAC and run for office. Candidates and those who run super PACs can’t coordinate with other either.

Colbert previously tried to enter the South Carolina primary during the 2008 election cycle.