Fallon creates ‘Mister Romney’s Neighborhood’


With all the fussing over funding for PBS going on in the campaign thanks to Mitt Romney’s debate admission that he wants to cut funding for public broadcasting, the host of Late Night Jimmy Fallon took us to a visit to “Mister Romney’s Neighborhood” during his show yesterday.

Instead of putting on Mister Roger’s trademark cardigan sweater, Romney slips out of one suit coat right into another. He then sits down to read the Financial Times (those pink pages are always a dead giveaway) and have his shoes shined.

Fallon’s “Mister Romney” later takes his wallet out to explain “that’s where money goes.” Then comes this string of zingers:

“Now, do you know what money is? I’m guessing no because you’re watching public television. Therefore, you don’t have cable. Therefore, you’re probably poor. Money is sort of like paper that you can use to buy things that you want like toys… or yachts. Now you may be wondering where money comes from. It comes from a magical place called our parents.”

“Mister Romney” is then joined by “Mister Obama.” And that’s where the fun really begins.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Fallon creates 'Mister Romney's Neighborhood'