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E.g., 9/3/2015
Obama clinches Iran deal

Obama clinches Iran deal

09/02/15 10:14PM

Sen. Barbara Mikulski became the 34th Senator to support the Iran nuclear deal, keeping the deal safe from Republican opposition. Lawrence discusses with Reza Marashi, Tim Pawlenty and Phyllis Bennis. watch

Andy Parker: ‘Things are different this time’

Andy Parker: ‘Things are different this time’

09/02/15 10:00PM

The father of Alison Parker, the news reporter killed on live TV, joins Lawrence to discuss his family’s fight for tougher gun laws and explain why this incident differs from other mass shootings. Meanwhile, an NRA web host warns of an 'emotional' gun debate. Alison Parker's father, Andy, joins Lawrence. watch

The proper role of SCOTUS?

The proper role of SCOTUS?

09/02/15 08:46PM

Some Republican presidential candidates have a conflicted relationship with the U.S. Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court – especially when SCOTUS issues a ruling they disagree with (like marriage equality). watch

Will Christie go 'nuclear' at next GOP...

Will Christie go 'nuclear' at next GOP debate?

09/01/15 10:39PM

Chris Christie tells Jimmy Fallon he'll 'go nuclear' in the next Republican presidential debate if he isn't asked enough questions. Plus, new debate rules could send Carly Fiorina to the main stage for the next GOP presidential debate. The panel discusses. watch

Gay couple calls license denial ...

Gay couple calls license denial 'overwhelming'

09/01/15 10:09PM

In a Last Word exclusive, David Ermold and David Moore – a Kentucky couple denied a marriage license by county clerk Kim Davis – discuss whether they will return after Davis defied the Supreme Court by not issuing their marriage license. watch

'Devastating': KY couple on marriage denial

'Devastating': Ky. couple on marriage denial

09/01/15 10:01PM

In a Last Word exclusive, David Ermold and David Moore discuss having Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis refuse their request for a marriage license in defiance of The Supreme Court. The couple joins Alex Wagner to share their emotional story. watch

"Under God’s authority," a Kentucky clerk is refusing to issue any marriage licenses because of her stance on marriage equality.

Posted by The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


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