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After 'unhinged' rally, worry about Trump...

After 'unhinged' rally, worry about Trump having nuclear codes

08/23/17 10:33PM

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says he's questioning Trump's fitness to lead after his Phoenix rally. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to fmr. Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin, who says Trump lacks the calm and control other presidents have had. watch

Breitbart slams Trump “flip-flop” on war

Breitbart slams Trump “flip-flop” on war

08/21/17 10:30PM

Steve Bannon is back at Breitbart, and reportedly ready for war with Jared Kushner if Trump deviates from the platform he ran on. A Breitbart staffer issued this warning: "we're prepared to help Paul Ryan rally votes for impeachment.” watch

CEO President Trump loses CEOs

CEO President Trump loses CEOs

08/18/17 10:31PM

Mitt Romney said Donald Trump's words caused "racists to rejoice" as another one of President Donald Trump's advisory boards saw mass resignations over his Charlottesville rhetoric. Jon Fasman of The Economist and fmr. Bush senior aide Peter Wehner join Ali Velshi. watch

Bannon declares war, says 'that presidency...

Bannon declares war, says 'that presidency is over'

08/18/17 10:01PM

Just hours after it was announced he was out of the administration, Steve Bannon gave an interview where he said the Trump presidency is "over," and he's already back at Breitbart. Ali Velshi discusses with Steve Schmidt, Jonathan Capeheart, and Wil Hylton. watch

The comprehensive timeline of Trump's...

The comprehensive timeline of Trump's history with Russia

08/17/17 10:39PM

Attorney Steven Harper has prepared a timeline with more than 400 data points of all the events surrounding the Trump team and Russia. He prepared it as if it had to be presented to a jury. Lawrence O'Donnell also discusses the findings with Bill Moyers. watch

Bill Moyers: Instead of a 'soul,' Trump...

Bill Moyers: Instead of a 'soul,' Trump has an 'open sore'

08/17/17 10:25PM

Veteran journalist and former LBJ press secretary Bill Moyers compares the Trump presidency to the Johnson administration. He tells Lawrence O'Donnell why Trump's reaction to the removal of Confederate statues demonstrates the president's consistent inconsistency. watch

GOP splintering over Trump's response to...

GOP splintering over Trump's response to white supremacists

08/16/17 10:44PM

Republican Governor John Kasich called Trump's response to Charlottesville "pathetic" but congressional Republicans are struggling to criticize the president. Former Republican and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Donald Trump's support wanes with CEO...

Donald Trump's support wanes with CEO departures

08/16/17 10:10PM

Two of the president's business councils were in tatters following his latest remarks on Charlottesville. The business community has had enough with Trump, but have his supporters? Christina Greer, Rashad Robinson, and David Cay Johnston join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Lawrence: President Trump is the Divider...

Lawrence: President Trump is the Divider in Chief

08/16/17 10:02PM

Donald Trump has divided the country in his mind Lawrence O'Donnell argues, between those who voted for him, and those who didn't. Now, he's continuing to divide the country and even the people who once supported Trump are starting to call it quits. watch


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