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Ed's Guest List, Tuesday 4/26

04/26/11 08:46PM

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.Mike Papantonio, Host of "The Ring of Fire" radio show.Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, Former chief of staff at the State Department during Gen. Colin Powell's term.  He is currently the Pamela Harriman Visiting Professor at the College of William & Mary. Amy Holmes, Host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio Program: America’s Morning News.Harold Schaitberger, General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters.  read more

Firefighter’s PAC to close

Firefighter’s PAC to close

04/26/11 08:00PM

Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Firefighters, is on with Ed to talk about their redistributing efforts of the funding that... watch

Town hall turmoil

04/26/11 07:59PM

During the Congressional break, some Representatives are taking this opportunity to conduct town halls in their respective states on the proposed federal budget.Tonight, we’ll show you all the footage of Rep. Paul Ryan’s town halls from earlier today, but first, here’s a look at some of the latest town hall flops happening around the country:Rep. Charles Bass (R-NH) gets confused about what the plan he voted for does to Medicare:  Bass: Who’s gonna pay those bills? It’s gonna be the younger people, and when that happens, that’s gonna be a real generational war ... read more

What's in Ed's Head: 4/26/11

04/26/11 04:20PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on ...When Rep. Boehner made it seem like he would compromise with the president on oil subsidies, Democrats wondered if it was a policy shift.  The National Journal reported that unnamed Republican staffers described it as not a policy shift, but, in the National Journal's words, "more a necessary rhetorical reaction."  We call that a lie. Rep. read more

AUC to Ryan: What were you thinking?

04/25/11 09:20PM

Americans United for Change is targeting the Ryan budget in a new ad that uncovers how the plan will take away Medicare and give the rich more tax breaks.    Watch:And it’s not just the AUC, the DCCC is also adding pressure to Republicans threatening to take away Medicare: Update: We’re keeping an eye on Ryan’s next batch of “listening sessions” scheduled to start tomorrow. read more

Ed's Guest List, Monday 4/25

04/25/11 08:25PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen's Energy Program. Laura Flanders, Host of GRITtv on Free Speech TV and editor of the book “At the Tea Party”.Andy Kroll, Staff reporter for Mother Jones Magazine.Stephanie Miller, Radio talk show host.  You can catch Stephanie Miller's "Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour" on the road in Syracuse on May 14th (Ticketmaster has all other upcoming dates).  read more