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What's in Ed's Head: 2/24/11

02/24/11 03:33PM

These are the stories the staff of “The Ed Show” are keeping an eye on …Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) calls on the President to visit Wisconsin.  Ed seconds that motion.Local groups have officially filed to pursue some of “The Wisconsin 14” for recall.  They’ll need around 16,000 signatures to move further.  One of the senators they’re going after is Lena Taylor, who joined us last night. read more

The Walker Tapes

02/23/11 03:59PM

In this cringe-worthy interview,  Gov. Scott Walker is caught red-handed during a phone call in which he believes he's talking to his campaign contributor, David Koch of the Koch brothers. Unfortunately for Walker,  it was actually's editor, Ian Murphy recording the conversation.  Oops.Part 1: Part 2: TONIGHT: Ed reacts.  read more

What's in Ed's Head: 2/23/11

02/23/11 03:21PM

These are the stories the staff of "The Ed Show" are keeping an eye on ...   AFL-CIO memo: Wisconsin united, protesters have an eye on Thursday.After busing Tea Partiers to Wisconsin over the weekend, the Koch brothers are setting up shop and opening a lobbying office in Madison.  Their group, Americans for Prosperity, also put out this ad accusing teachers of "abandoning children" by protesting for their bargaining rights.    It's not just the Koch brothers.  Other groups are also blaming the middle class and siding with Gov. read more

Tonight's Text Poll Results

02/18/11 11:34PM

We weren't able to give you the results for our poll from the texting side, so we're posting it here ...Question: Has Governor Walker revealed that his only interest is union busting?93% said "Yes"7% said "No"Thank you for voting! read more