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Ed's Guest List 8/13

06/13/11 07:41PM

Big night for The Ed Show tonight. We will be first on the air with reaction and analysis of the first real GOP 2012 debate tonight (ie this is the first debate with Bachmann).Joining Ed live from Manchester, NH will be former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.Ed will also talk about the GOP jobs plan as revealed in the debate with former Chief Economist and Economic Advisor to VP Biden, Jared Bernstein (he's calling for more spending... read more


06/13/11 02:51PM

Tonight's GOP debate may crowd out a lot of important stories today. Here are some of the ones that deserve more attention than they're getting. Spread the word, and add to the list in the comments if you've got your own. Republicans want to raise taxes. You'd think that would be a lead, but no. A Republican presidential hopeful wants to raise taxes. Not on the rich; on you. And the dark lord of tax cuts, Grover Norquist, has a scheme to get more tax cuts for the rich -- use the money that now goes for farm subsidies. Yep. Rob from the farms, give to the rich. read more

The Monday Outlook

06/13/11 12:55PM

Of course, tonight's big political story will be the GOP presidential debate. We'll be watching it, so you don't have to, and we'll bring you all the must-see TV you can handle. That said, there are a bunch of real stories about real issues that affect real people out there, too.Larry Summers calling for economic stimulus to spur job growth is a big deal.Or would be, in a saner world. The League of Expatriate Obama Advisers is now singing in virtual unison about the need to pump more money into the economy. Summers, Goolsbee, Romer, Bernstein. read more

Morning EDition: June 13, 2011

06/13/11 11:14AM

Democrats today seem to be continuing the odd strategy of talking about how bad the Weiner story is, because people keep talking about it. Weird. Anyway, here's what's caught my eye today. Check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed.TODAYPres. Obama tours LED maker, meets with jobs council.GOP presidential debate. read more

What's in Ed's Head: 6/9/11

06/09/11 06:22PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on ...The White House is putting job creation on the back burner.Mitt Romney is under Republican fire for abandoning Detroit.Herman Cain says if he becomes president, he won’t sign a bill that’s longer than 3 pages.Newt Gingrich’s top aides resigned from his presidential campaign. read more


06/09/11 03:41PM

Here are some of the stories I wish were getting a little more attention today!First up is a great piece of video in which Iowa state Sen. Shawn Hammerlinck (R) tells students he doesn't want them lobbying him. Here it is:  A new poll finds that a big majority of Americans think the economy will suffer serious harm if we default. Some of them want to do it anyway. Which means some Americans out there value their apocalyptic Tea Party ideology over the future of the nation itself. Shocker. Two government reports fail to find US getting anything for the billions it spends. read more