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Romney gives Obama an 'F'

05/31/11 09:35PM

In a Today Show interview Mitt Romney gave the President a failing grade for his time in office and explains why he’d do a better job: Here are some of his reasons:Romney says he has a better healthcare plan because it doesn't have as many pesky words. He has a “better than 50/50” chance of winning (meanwhile he gets 17% of the vote in the latest Gallup poll).He reads the Twilight books about vampires. read more

The Ed Show Guest List, Tuesday 5/31

05/31/11 08:40PM

Amanda Terkel, Senior Political Reporter at Huffington Post.Sally Kohn, Founder and Chief Education Officer of Bernie Sanders, (I-VT).John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.Margie Omero, President of Momentum Analysis and a Democratic Pollster.Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone Magazine’s National Affairs Correspondent. read more

Bachmann on 2012

Bachmann on 2012

05/31/11 08:00PM

Michele Bachmann says she’s been consulting with God on whether or not to run for president. She also says that if she did become president she doesn’t know... watch

Palin on the road

Palin on the road

05/31/11 08:00PM

Msnbc’s Thomas Roberts reports on the next phase of Sarah Palin’s bus tour when she meets with Donald Trump, biker dudes, and Greta Van Susteren. watch

Top Stories: 5/31/11

05/31/11 05:02PM

We’re keeping an eye on the House vote scheduled for today on the decision of whether or not to raise the debt-ceiling. Gas prices were curiously low during Memorial Day weekend.More Wisconsin GOP state Senators join the recall list.Weiner accused of showing his Boehner.There’s more on Roger Ailes and his right-wing political machine in a new profile piece from Rolling Stone magazine. read more


05/31/11 04:04PM

WAY too much buzz is getting eaten up by Sarah Palin. Today's first Underbuzzed demonstrates that in a way the Gray Lady oughtta find embarrassing.From 6:01 yesterday morning to 11:40 this morning, a period of more than 24 hours, not a single posting on the politics and government blog of the New York Times was about anything other than Sarah has a graphic representation of just how many places on the Eastern seaboard are seeing record heat this week. read more

The Tuesday Outlook

05/31/11 02:25PM

I had just noted for myself what a lot of commentators are pointing out -- that today's House vote on the debt ceiling is being done under suspension rules, which require a 2/3 majority and thus invalidate it as a test -- when I came across Jed Lewison unpacking even more reasons why it's bogus. I'm not sure I agree with Jed's recommended course of action in his headline, but it's definitely worth noting his point that, for no legislatively necessary reason, the bill includes blame for the debt. read more

Morning EDition: May 31, 2011

05/31/11 11:03AM

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. Summer is unofficially under way and here's what's going on today. Today's Outlook and Underbuzzed will be here later today, so check back.TODAYNo public events scheduled for the president. read more