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06/23/11 05:01PM

I'm a little nervous doing this, but I'm gonna kick off today's Underbuzzed with a story I'm undrestanding only tenuously. Wish me luck and if I go astray, set me straight in the comments...When I first saw that Pres. Obama had decided to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, my first thought was that this was a mistake--that Pres. Obama was implicitly endorsing the mistaken claim that supply-and-demand were behind the recent run-up in gas prices. read more

The Thursday Outlook: What We Need Is a Do-Nothing Congress

06/23/11 04:05PM

Late with my blogging today. Sorry about that -- Ed being out of the studio has some knock-on effects inside the team. Anyway, it seems to me that today's bailout of Republican leadership from the Biden debt talks could prove to be a good thing. I'll explain.For a while now, Ezra Klein -- who will be on with Ed tonight -- has been making the case that Congress can solve our debt problem by not doing a single thing. Simply sitting on their Capitol Hill thumbs and allowing health-care reform to kick in, and the Bush tax cuts to die...will put our fiscal house in order. read more

Morning EDition: June 23, 2011

06/23/11 11:09AM

Pres. Obama meets with soldiers and Gold Star families today, a day after delivering his speech to the nation on the future of America's involvement in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, our future is also on the line in Washington. Check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed. Meanwhile, here's your Morning EDition:TODAYPres. Obama meets with soldiers, Gold Star families at Ft. Drum, NYPres. Obama attends DNC fundraisers in NYC. read more

Ed's Guest List, Wednesday 6/22

06/22/11 09:10PM

Rachel Maddow, Host of The Rachel Maddow Show.Chris Matthews, Host of Hardball with Chris Matthews.Ashwin Madia, Interim Chairman at Sheehan, NBC News Terrorism Analyst.Virg Bernero (D-MI), Mayor of Lansing.Jonathan Alter, msnbc Political Analyst and columnist for Bloomberg View. read more

Dems say GOP is hurting the economy on...

Dems say GOP is hurting the economy on purpose

06/22/11 08:00PM

Democrats in the Senate are making it explicitly clear: They believe Republicans are trying to sabotage the recovery by blocking any legislation that would help the economy. Ed Schultz talks to MSNBC Political Analyst Jonathan Alter about the fight ahead. watch

The plan for Afghanistan

The plan for Afghanistan

06/22/11 08:00PM

Ashwin Madia, Interim Chairman at and Michael Sheehan, NBC News Terrorism Analyst, talk to Ed Schultz about President Obama’s speech on the military mission in Afghanistan and the politics tied to strategies and decisions. watch