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Health care for all

Health care for all

07/11/11 08:00PM

With the generous support of MSNBC viewers, the National Association of Free Clinics has helped over 13,000 patients receive health care at their previous... watch

Guest List, Monday 7/11

07/11/11 07:27PM

Ezra Klein, Washington Post Columnist and msnbc Policy AnalystDr. James Peterson, Director of Africana Studies and Associate Professor of English at Lehigh UniversityJoan Walsh, Salon’s Editor-at-Large  The debt ceiling negotaions are continuing and it's getting down to the wire... The President has put everything on the table and the Republicans still won't budge on a compromise. Our panel gets into the discussion.     Former Rep. read more


07/11/11 02:16PM

The debt-ceiling talks will continue to dominate the news more and more the closer we get to the Aug. 2nd deadline for defaulting. That, and the fact we're deep into summer, make it all the more important we don't let other stories fall by the wayside. Here are some of the stories that seem underbuzzed to me today.Ann Coulter's vile assault on Chris Hayes's mother illustrates just how low the Republican Party has sunk in the past decade. Not because it's an assault on someone's mother -- that's old school nasty politics. But because the basis for the attack is her work in public service. read more

The Monday Outlook: The Gordian Knot

07/11/11 01:04PM

A deal on the debt ceiling isn't going to happen now. One thing and one thing only has to change for the GOP leadership either to press their members into raising the debt ceiling -- or to accede to Democratic demands in order to pick up enough Democratic votes in the House to raise the debt ceiling without the Tea Party's support. And that one thing is beyond the ability of either Democrats or Republicans to change.It's the calendar. We've seen time and again with this Congress that Speaker Boehner is willing to fold. He just can't fold before he has to. read more

Morning EDition: July 11, 2011

07/11/11 11:03AM

Pres. Obama's news conference is starting. Here's the context for his remarks:TODAYPres. Obama news conference at 11am.White House meeting with congressional leaders on debt ceiling.House vote on undoing 2007 energy-efficient light-bulb requirements. read more

Murdoch's empire takes a hit

Murdoch's empire takes a hit

07/07/11 08:00PM

Ed talks with Eric Boehlert of Media Matters about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. What are the implications for Murdoch's American media outlets? watch