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What's in Ed's Head: 6/20/11

06/20/11 06:10PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on ... Ed called out conservative talk show host Neal Boortz last week for saying, “We need to see some dead thugs littering the landscape in Atlanta.”  Now Boortz specifies: he meant black people. SCOTUS rules against women in the Wal-Mart discrimination cases.Glenn Beck shies away from Van Jones’ challenge.Senator McCain blames wildfires on illegal immigrants. read more


06/20/11 03:45PM

No one big story driving the day today. Lots of important ones falling by the wayside, though. I've got a handful here -- share yours in the comments.Next time someone tells you that Republicans are better for business or that Democrats hate business, show them this chart.The deal that seems to be emerging from Washington would involve sparing the elderly the consequences of where their generation has left this country -- and making the younger poor pay for it.The right wing is yet again blaming Pres. Obama for high gas taxes; they claim he wants prices high. read more

The Monday Outlook

06/20/11 12:07PM

The Washington Post's weekend piece on executive income driving income disparity for the last generation or two is important and laudable, but also a little mystifying. The article ponders the great mystery of why executive pay has lapped employee pay so badly. It reminds of a dirty joke about why dogs do some of the things they do. The answer is the same: Because they can.That, of course, raises the issue the Post wrestles with, which is, well, why are executives doing it now -- or for the last four decades -- in ways they didn't before? A cultural explanation is given, but I don't buy it. read more

Morning EDition: June 20, 2011

06/20/11 11:10AM

The dog days of summer set in, and TV-news executives throughout the land bemoan the lack of news. Because, y'know, the ongoing kleptocratization of America doesn't count as a story...Check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed. Meanwhile, here's today's Morning EDition:TODAYPres. Obama meets with US mayors about the economy.Pres. Obama speaks at DNC fundraisers tonight. read more


06/16/11 02:44PM

I'm skipping the Thursday Outlook today. Anthony Weiner's resignation has pretty much rendered everything else underbuzzed. Here are some of the ones I think deserve a lot more attention:Will Democrats cave on Medicaid? There are worrying signs that Democrats bent on cutting-for-cutting's-sake may go soft on Medicaid--because it hasn't yet seen the overwhelming public pushback that came when Republicans targeted Medicare and Social Security. read more

Morning EDition: June 16, 2011

06/16/11 11:07AM

Anthony Weiner's resigning. So now the media can focus on the issues again! Hurray! Here are just a few for them to choose from. And check back later for today's Outlook and Underbuzzed.TODAYPres. Obama meets with Mongolian President ElbegdorjRepublican Leadership Conference begins in New Orleans, the victim of Republican leadershipHouse continues debate on the Agriculture Appropriations bill; votes now expected this afternoon read more