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SNL fans outside our studio building

05/19/11 09:24PM

We see a lot of interesting things here at 30 rock. About this time of the week, when The Ed Show staff leaves the building, often we see people lined up to try and get tickets to SNL. Depending on the act that will be appearing, the crowd of people who camp out is often large. This week is different though. On Tuesday night, there were about 10 or 12 who had already started a line. We asked who could bring such dedicated fans to the sidewalk outside our building for 5 nights.   Justin Timberlake is the host, and Lady Gaga is the musical act. read more

Sen. Fred Risser verbally assaulted

Sen. Fred Risser verbally assaulted

05/19/11 08:57PM

He’s the longest-serving state legislator in the nation and a WWII veteran and he was verbally assaulted on the Wisconsin state Senate floor.Wisconsin state Senate Republicans trying to pass the voter suppression bill lashed out at Sen. Fred Risser when he tried to speak out against the legislation.Risser retaliated, “In my 50 years, I’ve never had anyone cut me off!”Ed won’t let them get away with it though--Sen. Risser will be on the show to give us the whole story. read more

Ed's Guest List, Thursday 5/19

05/19/11 08:53PM

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.Joe Madison, Sirius XM Radio Talk Show Host. State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-WI).State Sen. Fred Risser (D-WI). Robert Wexler, Former Democratic Congressman from Florida.  He is currently the President of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. read more

Obama's Middle East policy

05/19/11 06:19PM

The mountains of recent change in the Middle East, from chaos in Egypt to the death of Osama bin Laden, warrants this as a time to reassess.  In a speech this morning, President Obama breaks down his Mideast policy.  Watch:As can be expected, the right wing is none too pleased with the president’s powerful message. Rep. Bachmann, who is threatening a 2012 presidential run, calls President Obama's speech a betrayal to Israel  and Mitt Romney echoes that sentiment saying it's throwing Israel "under the bus".  Former Gov. read more

What's in Ed's Head: 5/19/11

05/19/11 04:07PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on ...Newt flips on his Ryan plan flop, and then flips again.  Obama’s Mideast speech gets praise.Peter Fonda calls President Obama a “f*cking traitor”.Now that the pesky birtherism nonsense has been decidedly debunked, Republicans turn to “otherism”—accepting that the president was born in the United States, but claiming he may not have his country’s best interest in mind. read more