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E.g., 11/26/2014

Guest List, Tuesday 8/9

08/09/11 08:17PM

***Ed is live from Madison, WI-- bringing you the recall election results as they come in***Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-WI)  Sen. Lena Taylor (D-WI)Sen. Robert Jauch (D-WI)Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-WI)Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-WI)Sen. Mark Miller (D-WI)Rep. read more

WI St. Sen. Taylor: 'it's Alberta, Walker...

WI St. Sen. Taylor: 'it's Alberta, Walker's Darling'

08/09/11 08:00PM

State Senator Lena Taylor on GOP St. Sen. Darling's relationship with the WI Governor: "you didn't know? It's Alberta, Walker's Darling". St. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca and John Nichols of the Nation also join Ed Schultz and the huge crowd in... watch

Ed kicks off WI recall coverage live from...

Ed kicks off WI recall coverage live from Madison

08/09/11 08:00PM

Ed Schultz is live in Madison, WI, covering the state senate recall elections. He breaks down early returns John Nichols from the Nation magazine, as well as Jim Dean, Chairman of Democracy for America, and Adam Green from the Progressive Change... watch

Wisconsin votes

Wisconsin votes

08/08/11 08:00PM

Ed talks to folks on the front lines of the "get out the vote" effort. Will voters show up to the polls tomorrow? watch

Tea Party leader compares WI protesters to...

Tea Party leader compares WI protesters to Nazis

08/08/11 08:00PM

The founder of the Tea Party Nation group, Judson Phillips, has been psycho-talking all over Wisconsin. He compared people who were peacefully protesting Governor Scott Walker's policies to Nazis. Then he accused liberal ideology of killing a billion... watch

Guest List, Monday 8/8

08/08/11 07:14PM

Ed will be broadcasting live from Madison, WI tonight covering the upcoming recall elections.  You won’t want to miss it!Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-WI)District 3 Rep. Fred Clark (D-WI)District 42Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-WI)District 27Sen. Robert Jauch (D-WI)District 25Sen. Julie Lassa (D-WI)District 24Sen. Chris Larson (D-WI)District 7Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-WI)District 22Sen. Fred Risser (D-WI)District 26Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-WI)District 31Sen. read more

Setting the stage for Ed!

Ed's in Wisconsin!

08/08/11 06:24PM

Tonight on the Ed Show, Ed is live in Madison, Wisconsin, just hours before the recall elections of six Republican state senators who, along with Governor Scott Walker, stripped workers' rights and staged a full-fledged attack on the working middle class.Tonight is the eve of what may be a turning point -- a response to eight long months of an attack by the radical right in Wisconsin that has been emulated in other states and cheered by radical Republicans nationally.With voters set to express their disapproval through recall elections, Ed goes live with the Nation's John Nichols and the Democ read more