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07/05/11 03:11PM

Okay, I'm a little biased about today's Underbuzzed. I think the day's biggest underbuzzed story is the one I blogged about just a little while ago -- the real Romney fib on the economy. It won't be so underbuzzed, I hope, after tonight's exclusive interview with the former foreman of the plant where Romney spoke. That said, here are some of the other stories that deserve a little more buzz today:It's not enough that the current Treasury secretary came from the same Wall St. read more

The Tuesday Outlook: The Forgotten Romney Fib

07/05/11 02:41PM

A lot of today's Romney coverage has focused on the slipperiness of his responses about the economy. Does he think we're in a recovery or not? How could we be in a recovery, if Obama's policies made things worse than what we're recovering from? All very confusing. But also all very overly concerned about rhetoric and messaging. It'd be nice if people paid attention to the ideology that undergirds Romney's claim: Namely, that government spending is antithetical to economic recovery. read more

Afternoon EDition: July 5, 2011

07/05/11 12:51PM

Running behind today. Here's today's Morning EDition -- boldly rebranded to reflect my tardiness. And check back later for today's (late) Tuesday Outlook and Underbuzzed...TODAYSenate holds key vote on resolution authorizing Libya operations. read more

New Ed Show email newsletters

New Ed Show email newsletters

07/02/11 08:00AM

Launching July 12th, a new newsletter!The Ed Show blog alerts will be replaced by a new newsletterIf you get the Ed Show blog alerts, a text digest of Ed Show blog headlines, we will soon be discontinuing that and upgrading to a new email newsletter format. The new Ed Show newsletter will feature Ed's daily poll aside from blog links and video of the most recent broadcast. read more

Guest List, Thursday 6/30

06/30/11 08:44PM

Steve Raysely, Staff Representative for United Steelworkers.Former Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA), NBC News Political Analyst.John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University and author of Can You Hear Me Now?: The Inspiration, Wisdom, and Insight of Michael Eric Dyson. Mike Papantonio, host of "The Ring of Fire" radio show.Laura Flanders, Host of GRITtv on Free Speech TV and editor of the book “At the Tea Party”.Ryan Reilly, Reporter for Talking Points Memo.Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters. read more

Bye bye Beck!

Bye bye Beck!

06/30/11 08:00PM

Reverend Al Sharpton and Media Matters' Eric Boehlert discuss Glenn Beck's swan song at Fox News watch


06/30/11 04:31PM

I already did my big underbuzzed story of the day in an earlier post (the one about Mitt Romney's news conference), but here are a handful of others that caught my eye:David Corn over at Mother Jones reminds us of how much Republicans valued certainty for the fate of the economic climate -- certainty on issues that didn't really affect the economic climate. So where is there fetish for certainty now, when Wall Street and the entire global economy craves certainty on the US debt?A housing recovery was supposed to pull the rest of the economy out of the ditch. read more

Romney's Epic News Conference Fail

06/30/11 12:15PM

Mitt Romney's appearance at the shuttered Allentown Metal Works today is meant to highlight the failure of the economic policies of Pres. Obama, who once visited the plant, spotlighting it as a symbol of hope for the economy.Here's the problem with Romney's news conference there. If you go back and read contemporary accounts of the Allentown Metal Works closing, you'll see a consistent theme. They had to close because there wasn't enough stimulus. read more

Morning EDition: June 30, 2011

06/30/11 11:14AM

The fallout from Pres. Obama's news conference continues. Primarily with the mounting feeling that the two parties can't agree on a deal to avoid default. Now what?TODAYPres. Obama speaks at DNC fundraiser in Philadelphia.The Senate votes on the confirmation of David Petraeus to head the CIA.Mitt Romney holds a news conference at a closed metal works.Stephen Colbert appears at the FEC today, in a campaign that has some worried about the consequences. read more