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The Monday Outlook: The GOP's Tea Bag of Tricks

07/18/11 12:30PM

I tweeted last week that if you paid attention to how the government-shutdown debate ended up, the conclusion of the debt-ceiling fight won't be too much of a surprise. In fact, if you want to understand just how easily led the Tea Party is (what other political movement demands the end of the government entitlements it most vociferously demands?) all you have to do is look back to how the GOP leadership bamboozled them just three months ago.Here's what I was referring to in my tweet. The last catastrophe-averting showdown ended when the Republican leadership changed the terms of the debate. read more

Morning EDition: July 18, 2011

07/18/11 11:11AM

TODAYthe Senate debates military and VA spending.NO presidential-level talks scheduled on the debt ceiling. BUDGETBoth parties try to work up support for the McConnell Plan.Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is working against the McConnell Plan.Congress sets up votes on the $1.5-trillion-cuts deal.House tomorrow brings to the floor a new debt-ceiling bill utterly devoid of compromise. (Note: It's hard for Villagers to deny that a party is devoid of compromise when they ran against the evils of compromise.)Analysis: "Cut, Cap and Balance" Act makes the Ryan Plan look like the New Deal. read more

Guest List, Thursday 7/14

07/14/11 06:47PM

Mike Papantonio, host of "The Ring of Fire" radio show     We're talking about the debt ceiling and the details still emerging from yesterday's tense meeting between the President and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor..  the clock is ticking while the blame game continues. We'll get into what comes next. read more


07/14/11 03:11PM

Sorry again about dropping out on yesterday's Outlook and Underbuzzed. As will likely be the case until the debt ceiling is raised -- or News Corp. is indicted -- a lot of stories are falling through the cracks, slow-movers and others. Add your own in the comments. Here are mine for today:The GOP is the party of defense. Here's the Republican Party expressing its agenda to troops and veterans in just the past 24 hours. Eleven Senate Republicans voted against spending on the military and veterans. read more

The Thursday Outlook: Warning Shots

07/14/11 02:26PM

We were just discussing in the office the fact that Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) has now joined Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) in saying the debt-ceiling battle is the Republicans' fault. My take?They're throwing House GOP Leader Eric Cantor under the bus. Specifically, they're sending him a signal -- that if the US defaults because the House fails to pass something that can pass both the Senate and the president's desk -- Cantor will have been pre-thrown under the bus.Because if the US does default, the false-equivalence media will try to put some of the blame on Democrats. And Sens. read more

Morning EDition: July 14, 2011

07/14/11 11:23AM

Sorry no Outlook or Underbuzzed yesterday, I was off the grid. Here's today's Morning EDition:TODAYThe president gives a handful of TV interviews about the debt-ceiling talks.The president meets with congressional leaders for new debt-ceiling talks at 4:15pm. BUDGET read more