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E.g., 12/22/2014
Brattleboro, VT on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2011.

What we're watching 8/29

08/29/11 04:14PM

We'll have the latest on the damage left behind by Hurricane Irene. The New York City metro area dodged the worst of the storm as it passed through early Sunday morning - but as it moved north through the Hudson Valley and New England torrential rain caused catastrophic flooding. More than a dozen towns in Vermont and at least three in upstate New York are cut off because roads and bridges washed out due to flooding. The first video below shows the horrible flooding in Brattleboro Vermont - the second shows Bennington Vermont. read more

Guest List, Thursday 8/25

08/25/11 07:53PM

Jim Moore, Co-Author of "Bush's Brain", Huffington Post contributorZach Carter, Reporter for the Huffington Post Lizz Winstead, Comedian and Co-Creator of “The Daily Show” Mike Papantonio, host of "The Ring of Fire" Radio Show Jim Cantore, Meterologist at the Weather Channel Paul Goodloe, Meterologist at the Weather ChannelMichael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology at Georgetown university and author of "Can You Hear Me Now?" read more

Hurricane Irene 5 day track

What we're watching 8/25

08/25/11 04:24PM

 We're keeping an eye on Hurricane Irene - currently the eye of the storm is about 110 miles east of West Palm Beach Florida over the northern Bahamas. Irene is now a category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. The storm is expected come ashore Saturday in North Carolina then weaken and move up the east coast dumping rain from Virginia to New York. This morning Mayor Bloomberg warned New Yorkers living in low-lying areas to be ready to evacuate.In a new memoir Dick Cheney said that he urged President George W. read more

Guest List, Wednesday 8/24

08/24/11 08:03PM

Jim Moore, Co-Author of "Bush's Brain", Huffington Post contributor Tina Briones, President of the San Antonio Afiliate of the Association of Texas Professional Educators Bob Shrum, Democratic StrategistTim Dickinson, National Affairs Correspondent for Rolling Stone Magazine John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation read more