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E.g., 7/29/2014

Morning EDition: July 27, 2011

07/27/11 11:31AM

 The dog days of summer are quieting things down a bit, finally -- on the non-debt ceiling stuff. Of that, however, there is plenty. Here's today's Morning EDition:TODAYTwo House committees hold hearings on homegrown terrorism. Unless it's by white Christians.BUDGETThe Treasury might have an extra week's worth of cash on hand. Pres. Obama's call for contacting Congress worked. Just ask Rep. Allen West (R-FL). And it ain't over yet.Wall St. created a monster it can't control. Yet, anyway.The Wall St. Journal is also sad about the monster.But maybe Wall St. read more

Guest List, Tuesday 7/26

07/26/11 08:27PM

Rep. John Garamendi (D- CA)Leo Gerard, United Steel Workers International President Last night President Obama asked Americans to speak up in the ongoing and perpetually deadlocked debate over the debt ceiling. And they rallied to voice their concerns. House switchboards have been swamped and servers have crashed with the high volume of constituent response. Did you reach out to your Member of Congress? With only seven days left until default we're talking about the ongoing debate and the aftermath of last night's speeches by President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner. read more