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Top Stories: 5/26/11

05/26/11 04:21PM

Dick Cheney worships the ground Paul Ryan walks on.Labor unions, namely NY AFL-CIO and NY United Federation of Teachers, rally in NYC for gay marriage.A WI Judge overturns Gov. Walker's anti-labor law.Sarah Palin will begin a bus tour Memorial Day weekend.  The NY Times suspects she is seriously considering a presidential run. read more


05/26/11 03:32PM

With the Medicare and other budget battles eating up the oxygen of political discourse these days, a few stories that aren't getting much coverage today:This one may be underbuzzed, but we're gonna try to change that on the show tonight: The price of coffee is going up. At Starbucks. And the CEO is blaming Wall St. speculators. So now it's not just your morning commute, it's your morning coffee, too. This story has been a hobby horse for me since I did it for Keith back in 2008--and the point behind it all is that it's not just any one commodity. read more

The Thursday Outlook

05/26/11 12:54PM

The discussion over Ed's remarks and apology is going on here. Please go there if you want to weigh in.Otherwise, the big national political story today is the continuing battle over Medicare. Republicans last night mostly held ranks voting for the Ryan Plan in the Senate. I'd say that was probably their best political move -- if only to avoid utterly throwing their House colleagues under the bus. read more

Morning EDition: May 26, 2011

05/26/11 11:15AM

Good morning, here are some of the stories I'm looking at this morning. If you're interested in talking about Ed's apology or suspension, here's the place to do it. A little later, I'll have today's Outlook and Underbuzzed, so check back with us this afternoon. As for what's going on this morning, here's an incomplete look:TODAYPresident Obama at G-8.VP Biden leads deficit-reduction talks.BUDGETEzra Klein makes the obvious-to-anyone-not-in-Congress argument about the asymmetrical negotiating over the debt ceiling.Sen. read more

Scott Walker signs voter ID bill

Scott Walker signs voter ID bill

05/25/11 09:45PM

Wisconsin Republicans have been trying to pass the voter suppression bill for 10 years.  Today, Scott Walker signed it into law.  At a time when Gov. Walker is crippling unions in the name of balancing the budget, it's puzzling that he so adamantly pursued a law that will cost the state government $7 million.  read more

The Ed Show Guest List, Wednesday 5/25

05/25/11 08:55PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT).Wendell Potter, News Analyst with the Center for Public Integrity, a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, and the Author of Deadly Spin. Rep. Barbara Lee, (D-CA). Brian Balthazar, Editor of read more

Romney plagiarizes bailout solution

05/25/11 08:32PM

Mitt Romney opposed the auto industry bailout—specifically in an op-ed titled: “Let Detroit go bankrupt”.The DNC put out this ad that we showed you last night.  It's of Romney and other GOP members opposing the exact thing that saved the automotive companies.Watch:Nevertheless, 2012 presidential candidate is now claiming credit for the bailout he so strongly spoke out against. read more

Schultz apologizes for Ingraham remarks

Schultz apologizes for Ingraham remarks

05/25/11 08:00PM

Ed Schultz apologizes to Laura Ingraham, his family, his viewers, and msnbc management for the remarks made about Ingraham on his radio show. Schultz says he offered to take himself off msnbc's air indefinitely, with no pay. watch