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What's in Ed's Head: 5/11/11

05/11/11 03:34PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on tonight ...The Navy SEALs will finally be honored by the House for their successful bin Laden raid after delays--commemorating the troops wasn't "substantive and meaningful" enough for the attention of House GOP members.Even Wall Street encourages raising taxes to address the deficit.Newt Gingrich will reportedly announce his plan to run for president tonight. The rapper, Common, will attend a poetry reading at the White House today and Fox News doesn’t approve. read more

Ed's Guest List, Tuesday 5/10

05/10/11 08:35PM

Bob Shrum, Democratic strategist.John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation.Malcolm Nance, Counterterrorism Intelligence Expert.  He is a former master instructor and chief of training at the U.S. Navy's SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) school.  Nance is the author of An End to al Qaeda: Destroying Bin Laden’s Jihad and Restoring America’s Honor.E.J. Dionne, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Washington Post columnist. Mike Papantonio, host of "The Ring of Fire" radio show. read more

Boehner talks being a big boy

05/10/11 08:13PM

He cries like a baby—a lot:But this morning on Today, Speaker of the House John Boehner explains to Matt Lauer how he will be a big boy when it comes to deficit reduction: refusing to compromise until he gets his way.Watch:Lauer: “Isn’t it true that the fight we’re about to see over the debt ceiling is gonna make the battles we saw over the budget look like child’s play?”Boehner: Yes, that’s exactly right.Child’s play it is, then. read more

The bin Laden death photo

The bin Laden death photo

05/10/11 08:00PM

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent of The Nation, talks to Ed about the possibility of the Pentagon allowing lawmakers to view the bin Laden death photo. watch

What's in Ed's Head: 5/10/11

05/10/11 04:59PM

These are the stories the staff of The Ed Show are keeping an eye on ...Congress is getting ready to debate a potential new timeline for the War on Terror.Speaker Boehner says he won’t compromise on reducing the deficit until he gets $2 trillion dollars in cuts.GM is adding thousands of jobs starting today and many of the openings will go to laid-off workers.90% of Americans blame Wall Street for climbing gas prices.The Wisconsin GOP is clamoring to pass a bill aimed at turning away student and senior voters–just in time to have an impact on the election to recall Republican state Senato read more