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WI GOP Sen. hopes you won't vote

WI GOP Sen. hopes you won't vote

06/01/11 09:59PM

Wisconsin state Sen. Dan Kapanke (R) is regretting the way he mistreated workers by supporting Gov. Walker's anti-labor bill, as he faces a recall.   Last week at a golf club, state Sen. Kapanke acknowledged the large amount of public sector workers in his district and suggested the only way he could stay in office is if the those workers don't show up on election day.   Unfortunately for Kapanke, it was all caught on tape. We’ve got tons of government workers in my district - tons. read more

The Ed Show Guest List, Wednesday 6/1

06/01/11 08:56PM

Rep. Peter Welch, (D-VT).Robert Reich, Former U.S. Labor Secretary, UC Berkeley Professor.Pat Garofalo, Economic Policy Editor for at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, (D-NJ).Errol Louis, Host of NY 1’s “Inside City Hall”.Faiz Shakir, Editor in Chief of read more

Inside Wall Street’s greed

Inside Wall Street’s greed

06/01/11 08:00PM

Pat Garofalo talks about the Citizens for Tax Justice study that shows that some of the top companies had billions of dollars' worth of profits during the recession yet paid a net negative in income taxes. watch

Pizza summit

Pizza summit

06/01/11 07:50PM

During the second stop on her bus tour, Sarah Palin stopped for pizza with Donald Trump in New York City's Times Square.  The Donald reports to "Fox & Friends" that Palin would love for him to run for president.  Click here to see what else the might have talked about. read more

Top Stories: 6/1/11

06/01/11 04:55PM

The House votes against raising the debt ceiling as an August deadline is looming.While America struggles financially, 12 corporations earn $173 billion combined over a 2-year period.  Meanwhile, they’re getting tax benefits at a tax rate of -1.5%.Chris Christie went to his son’s baseball game in a helicopter that cost taxpayers $12.5 million.Jon Stewart probes Weiner’s penis picture scandal. read more


06/01/11 03:51PM

I've been trying to do lists of Underbuzzed stories since starting this last week. Today I want to talk about one. A lot of the economic debate over the last ten years or so has suggested that it's the middle class and poor fighting off the encroachments of big business. The most obvious battlefield for this class warfare was the Citizens United decision, which legalized unprecedented levels of anonymous corporate political donations. Obviously, this represented a massive weapon big business could use to further fleece the middle class. read more

The Wednesday Outlook

06/01/11 02:57PM

What's so weird about the mainstream coverage of the debt ceiling is that the mainstream are ignoring the alleged reason Republicans are using it to force spending cuts: Jobs. To hear the GOP tell it, the whole debt-ceiling fight is about jobs. As one of the producers here pointed out during one of our editorial conference calls, the last GOP prescription for job growth--extending the Bush tax cuts--hasn't moved the needle a bit. So why should we trust their prescription for cutting spending?As Media Matters points out, we shouldn't. read more