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Norfolk welcomes Ed home

Norfolk welcomes Ed home

03/09/11 01:28PM

Ed is in his hometown of Norfolk, VA shooting promotional material with Spike Lee. His hometown paper led with it above the fold this morning.Ed will have a lot to say about the changes that have occurred there in the last forty years, much like most cities and towns have. read more

Fox News's Incoherence on Gas Prices

03/09/11 11:10AM

The key factor to understanding why gas prices are where they are is to understand that supply and demand don't drive prices for gas and food and other commodities like they used to. That's why our gas prices are high despite what is, in fact, plentiful supply. The lack of understanding about this is why journalists keep asking the White House about the strategic reserve, even though there's no shortage.To his credit, Bill O'Reilly has in the past called for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to get tough on Wall St. speculators who are now driving gas and food prices. read more

What's in Ed's Head: 3/8/11

03/08/11 05:00PM

These are the stories the staff of "The Ed Show" are keeping an eye on ...US Rep. Sensenbrenner (R-WI) ends Republican town hall in Wisconsin, after just 30 minutes, due to protesters voicing their opposition.The Wisconsin AFL-CIO is holding the governor accountable for being unwilling to negotiate and the outrageous “Walker Tapes”. Meanwhile, in the name of damage control, pro-Walker automated phone calls seem to just be causing confusion. A new poll shows that for the first time in 50 years, the GOP doesn’t have a clear front-runner. read more

The Real Reason for High Gas Prices

03/08/11 04:15PM

It’s quite possibly the single most important nomination President Obama will make—with nothing less at stake than both the U.S. and global economies, not to mention the potential starvation of millions of people inthe developing world—and last night on The Ed Show, Ed Schultz broke the news that the White House vetting has begun. What is not clear is whether the White House understands just how important this appointment is.The position is commission member of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. read more

Special Report: What Obama Can Do About the Price of Gas

03/07/11 12:32PM

Back in 2008, I was puzzled by President Bush blaming the subprime mortgage crisis on "irresponsible homeowners." I knew of no reason why homeowners should all of a sudden become irresponsible en masse. So I began looking into what had really caused the crisis. That's when I began to get acquainted with derivatives and other weapons of mass financial destruction. I found out that one of McCain's top financial advisors, Phil Gramm, had not only helped cause the subprime mortgage crisis by deregulating derivatives, he was also still a lobbyist for UBS, while he was counseling McCain. read more

Special Report: Secret Wall St. Gas Tax

03/04/11 05:28PM

Monday begins our week-long series on the secret Wall Street gas tax.  Commodity prices are sky-rocketing, largely because of Wall Street speculators, but Republicans want you to think President Obama is to blame.  In this special series, in conjunction with "The Nation", we'll tell you what's at stake and the simple step President Obama can take to bring down the price not only of gas, but food too -- if he so chooses. Join us Monday! read more

Op-ED: Why Wisconsin Matters

03/04/11 12:41PM

Ed tells the Huffington Post "Why Wisconsin Matters" to middle class Americans in his Op-Ed today.  The attack on education isn't only happening in Wisconsin: New Jersey has the third highest percentage of millionaire residents in America, near 7 percent of the people that live in New Jersey are millionaires. New Jersey millionaires, how many of them are there? Well, there are 212,000 of them. How many teachers? A hundred and twelve thousand. There are more millionaires in New Jersey than teachers, but we're asking the teachers pay for everything. read more