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Exclusive Interview Tonight: Fugitive Lawmaker

02/17/11 04:11PM

In an exclusive appearance, at least 1 of the 14 lawmakers who escaped the Capitol earlier today, will be speaking out from an undisclosed location.  The state Sergeant of Arms searched through the offices of these now undercover representatives, and the State Senate Majority leader, Scott Fitzgerald, is threatening to send the State Patrol after them.  There's still no sign of these Wisconsin rebels, who are immune to the state badge if the reports of leaving are true.-------Interesting note: State Senate Majority leader, Scott Fitzgerald, who could order the Patrol out, is related to read more

Progress on our set in WI

Progress on our set in WI

02/17/11 03:32PM

30-percent chance of rain tonight. There's one thing you learn about shows in the field: don't cover your set, and it pours. Put it up, and there won't be a drop. Next up, chairs, cameras, and sound ... read more

What's in Ed's Head: 2/17/11

02/17/11 03:06PM

This is what the staff of “The Ed Show” is keeping an eye on …“On Wisconsin” …Every state Senate Democrat leaves WI state capitol to delay the budget vote.  Police are searching for the legislators, but it’s likely they’ve already left the state.Teachers and students at UW-Madison show their support for public employees today, and schools close in the state for the second day in a row.Walker vs. Wisconsin Schools: Gov. plans to cut up to $900M from public school budgets.Green Bay Packers publicly support the unions and denounce Gov. read more

Building our set for tonight

Building our set for tonight

02/17/11 02:09PM

Before we can put the staging in, we have to remove the snow.  It's being done by a municipal union member who would have to pay more for health insurance and increase payments on her pension. read more

President Obama on the Wisconsin budget

02/16/11 11:15PM

Our Milwaukee affiliate, WMTJ, spoke with President Obama exclusively today. We played some of his remarks about the historic Wisconsin protests on The Ed Show tonight, but we thought you should be able to see the entirety of his remarks. So here they are:Keep in mind, the idea that this "budget crisis" is a fiscal reality just doesn't pan out. As we laid out on tonight's edition of The Ed Show, the Wisconsin state Fiscal Bureau just last month reported that the state is not in bad shape. read more