Tonight on the Ed Show – the Obama campaign’s decision to fundraise directly for Democratic super PACs like” Priorities USA.”

Here’s why you will not hear much resistance from fellow Democrats on this decision.

It’s about winning.

If Democrats unilaterally disarm, if they do not take advantage of the very same rules Republicans avail themselves of, then Democrats are bound to lose.  It’s just that simple.

All this big money in politics is a mess.  But it’s entirely legal.  If Democrats ignore the legal revenue stream of super PACs, they will be grossly outspent by the GOP.

The Koch Brothers - Karl Rove crowd could amass up to half a billion dollars in super PAC money, most of it going to negative advertising.

Republican critics of the Obama decision are hypocrites.  House Speaker John Boehner called the Obama decision “just another broken promise.”  But when the “Citizens United” decision came down, Speaker Boehner called it “a big win for the First Amendment.”

Jonathan Alter and Ezra Klein will join Ed on this one tonight folks.

Short of a newly-stalled economy, the greatest threat to Obama’s re-election is GOP super PAC money.

It’s a choice any winner would make.

–Carey Fox, Segment Producer