WI GOP Sen. hopes you won’t vote

WI GOP Sen. hopes you won't vote
WI GOP Sen. hopes you won't vote
AP photo/La Crosse Tribune - Jake Rajewsky

Wisconsin state Sen. Dan Kapanke (R) is regretting the way he mistreated workers by supporting Gov. Walker’s anti-labor bill, as he faces a recall.  

Last week at a golf club, state Sen. Kapanke acknowledged the large amount of public sector workers in his district and suggested the only way he could stay in office is if the those workers don’t show up on election day.  

Unfortunately for Kapanke, it was all caught on tape.

We’ve got tons of government workers in my district - tons. From La Crosse to Prairie du Chien and to Viroqua and to Ontario     and to Hillsboro, you can go on and on and on. We have to overcome that. We gotta hope that they, kind of, are sleeping on July 12th - or whenever the [election] date is.  

You can hear to the entire secret audio recording here.  

Interestingly, this statement happened on May 25th–the same day that Gov. Walker signed the voter suppression bill into law.