What’s Sarah Palin up to?


With concerns over polls showing Mitt Romney losing to Rick Santorum in Michigan, a state in which Romney was born and raised, and with a protracted primary fight ahead, some Republicans are talking about drafting an alternative candidate and/or a brokered convention.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels are seen as the party’s most likely saviors.

But don’t forget Sarah Palin, the party’s 2008 vice presidential nominee.  She said last Wednesday that a brokered convention was a possibility and that if it happened she “would do whatever I could to help.”

Then today, her her political action committee, SarahPAC.com, released a video for President’s Day, linking the former Alaska governor with Lincoln and Reagan.  

Is she suggesting that a Palin is destined to be the next truly great president?

Meantime, we can’t wait to see the HBO film “Game Change.”  Here’s the trailer:


What's Sarah Palin up to?