What we’re watching: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011


You may have caught Ed’s exclusive (and quite compelling) interview last night with Iraq War veteran and injured Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen. 

Scott said the Occupy movement is “changing a lot,” but is not “going anywhere any time soon.”

Still, Occupy camps were raided last night in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, following raids in several other cities. 

So where does the Occupy movement stand?  We’ll ask filmmaker and activist Robert Greenwald and Occupy protester Jesse LaGreca tonight on The Ed Show at 8pET on msnbc.
Newt Gingrich’s lead in a Florida poll appears to give him a serious chance to win the GOP presidential nomination.

The Florida Times-Union/InsiderAdvantage poll showed the former House speaker with a 41%-17% advantage over Mitt Romney, who finished second in the survey.

Romney, meantime, continues to struggle on the campaign trail.  Last night during an interview with Fox News anchor Brett Baier, Romney struggled to explain his views on immigration and the individual mandate in the health care bill he signed while governor of Massachusetts.

And Herman Cain (who places third in the Florida poll at 15%) says he’s seen a “groundswell of positive support” from backers in the wake of the allegation of a long-term extramarital affair.  But some Cain supporters have started to abandon him.

Meantime, Ginger White, the woman who says she had a longstanding affair with Cain, is standing by her story despite his denials.

We’ll get Ed’s take on all these stories (and more) tonight at 8pET on The Ed Show on msnbc.

What we're watching: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011