What we’re watching: Wed., Jan. 11, 2012


Newt Gingrich is out with his first ad attacking Mitt Romney in South Carolina, and it’s a doozy — targeting the former Massachusetts governor’s record on abortion rights.

GOP Strategist Frank Luntz says “conservatives should not be defending capitalism.”

Mitt Romney said his win in New Hampshire is proof that the attacks on his time at Bain Capital fell flat.

Mitt Romney has a new Spanish-language ad in Florida, called “Nostros” (meaning “We” or “Us”). 

In Rock Hill, S.C., Newt Gingrich hit on a theme he has cultivated since Monday that Mitt Romney is a weak, gaffe-prone candidate

    Last week, underwhelming Republican turnout in the Iowa caucuses fell short of expectations. Yesterday in New Hampshire, it happened again.

    Campaign advisers to Mitt Romney, stung by unexpectedly ferocious attacks on his business record, are scrambling to avoid a prolonged and nasty battle. 

    As Mitt Romney’s firm profited in South Carolina, jobs disappeared.

    Mitt Romney is depicted as a financier “more ruthless than Wall Street” in a film bankrolled by Newt Gingrich supporters set to be released today in South Carolina.

    Rush Limbaugh says Newt Gingrich “sounds like Elizabeth Warren.“ 

    Mitt Romney delivered a punchy, aggressive, and well-received acceptance speech after his New Hampshire win, tying President Obama to another continent: Europe.

    Rick Perry: Mitt’s company is “just vultures” who “eat the carcass” of companies.

    Fox’s Sean Hannity To Rick Perry: You sound “like something from Occupy Wall Street.”  

    Mitt Romney made the rounds on the morning shows today, saying the New Hampshire primary results show the Bain attacks against him just don’t work.

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), a tea-partier extraordinaire who’s been careful not to give out any presidential endorsement, said he thinks Mitt Romney is going to pull off a win in South Carolina.

    President Obama is trailing his top GOP rival Mitt Romney in the swing state of Florida ten months out from the general election.

    Mitt Romney, under attack by his opponents over his record of layoffs and restructuring at his old firm Bain Capital, said today that President Obama was also forced to lay off people in the auto industry.

    What we're watching: Wed., Jan. 11, 2012