What we’re watching: Tue., Jan. 3, 2012


Here’s some of the stories we’re watching on Iowa caucuses day!

Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney a liar today morning in a tense interview on the day of the Iowa caucuses.

Michele Bachmann: “We’ve already bought tickets to South Carolina”

Glenn Beck pressed Rick Santorum about his support for Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey in the 2004 Senate primary in Pennsylvania.

The Weather Channel says the forecast for Iowa is chance of rain, but it should generally be sunny.

This is a good resource for results tonight.

The Texas governor prepared a last-minute push to avoid an embarrassing showing in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses.

With Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses just hours away, the final polling snapshot shows a close race.

Michele Bachmann predicted today her campaign will “surprise a lot of people tonight.”

Michele Bachmann and Soledad O’Brien tussle over what a ‘gotcha question’ is.

How the Iowa caucuses will work.

Rick Santorum said Monday that he “settled” when endorsing candidate Mitt Romney during the 2008 Republican primary.

Mitt Romney says President Obama will keep us from being ‘one nation under God.’

Rick Perry managed to flub a key detail in Iowa while attempting to use Alaska’s notorious “Bridge to Nowhere” to underscore what he described as rival Rick Santorum’s past embrace of reckless spending in Washington.

Rick Santorum says Ron Paul’s campaign is responsible for robocalls that say the former Pennsylvania senator is weak on gun rights.

Mitt Romney was interrupted by Occupy protesters during his final rally of the day Monday.

Santorum cries when asked about son’s death, calls question a ‘cheap shot’

Everywhere Rick Santorum goes, he has been there before.

An unfortunate explanation by Rick Santorum.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad predicts Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum would likely emerge the winner on Tuesday.

Rupert Murdoch, new to the Twitterverse, had some kind words for Rick Santorum in advance of the caucuses.

A few hours after he predicted he probably won’t win the caucuses, Newt Gingrich had a turnaround.

What we're watching: Tue., Jan. 3, 2012